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Guitar Gavel's commission fee for sellers is 4% plus an unavoidable credit card transaction fee of 2.6%, making the total selling cost 6.6%. Taxes and shipping/insurance costs are excluded from the 4% fee calculation.

Guitar Gavel uses highly curated listing descriptions to help convey the essence, good and not so good, to the buyer. If there are dings, scratches, fading, etc. be transparent to the buyer as you would want a seller to be transparent to you. Include pictures of the imperfections and mention them in the guitar’s description. Guitar Gavel does not requires a picture minimum, but keep in mind the quality and quantity of pictures will better position the guitar to sell. Maximum of 10 pictures. 

A detailed and well written description of the guitar is going to help generate interest and maximize the value. Please do not hold back, this is your chance to make the sales pitch! A generic, bullet-point style write-up is not acceptable and Guitar Gavel reserves the right to reject a potential listing due to lack of details. Before doing that, Guitar Gavel will reach out directly to you and help curate the listing to acceptable standards.

Guitar Gavel may also take editorial liberties to help with the historical context of the guitar.

A brief 1-2 minute video of the guitar being played or shown off will help the sale immensely. This is not a requirement, however, it shows bidders that you care deeply for your guitar and helps them better visualize the look and sound of the instrument. Videos are embedded into the listing via the Guitar Gavel Youtube channel.

Payout Process/Escrow Process
Sellers are paid via ACH deposit. The buyer has 24-hours to submit payment, after which, the proceeds are deposited to an escrow account. The funds are held in escrow until Guitar Gavel has received UPS tracking notice the guitar has shipped from the seller (see Shipping below). Once the guitar has shipped, funds are deposited to the seller's bank account via Quickbooks and their secure portal. Guitar Gavel, Inc. does not handle, record, or save bank account information as this is completely handled through Quickbooks. Once the deposit has been initiated by Guitar Gavel, Inc. it may take 2-3 days for the funds to be distributed to the seller’s account. Guitar Gavel, Inc. will send email notification the funds have been disbursed.

Shipping Is A Top Priority
Your instrument is special, it’s one of a kind, and it’s expensive. Guitar Gavel, Inc. uses to simplify and expedite the shipping process. They offer a boutique insurance product through UPS Capital with competitive rates and mediate on our behalf if any issues were to arise during the shipping process. Guitar Gavel will handle the shipping setup with and email you a UPS shipping label after a payment has been received from the buyer.