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With so many musical instrument marketplaces out there, you may be wondering why we started another one. Simple. Because we love guitars! More specifically, we love vintage and rare guitars that have a story - and tell a story. We know we’re not alone. That’s why we created a 3-point approach for connecting buyers, sellers, and the instruments they love.

1. Community comes first
2. A carefully curated marketplace
3. A simple, safe, and fun experience

Community comes first

We work daily to make Guitar Gavel the number one online community for professional guitarists, hobbyists, collectors, and enthusiasts like us. Inspired by BringATrailer.com’s passionate followers, we aim to bring you the same level of free connection, resources, information, and entertainment. And we’re always hard at work offering new tools and features that will bring us all together.

A carefully curated marketplace

Not just any guitar or bass can make it onto the Guitar Gavel auction site. Staying true to our love of unique, rare and vintage guitars, we curate every listing, ensuring the instruments meet our standards and inspire viewers. We also offer tips, tricks, and services to help our sellers create the most attractive and accurate posts, improving the auction experience.

A simple, safe, and fun experience

No matter why you visit Guitar Gavel, we’re committed to giving you the best experience possible. From our white glove service and seller protections to keeping your transactions free from overbearing corporate policies and charges, we always put you first. There's no robots and chatbots, buyers and sellers will work with a real person from start to finish. 

Shipping your guitar safely is a top priority and we've partnered with Shipguitars.com to deliver the ultimate in shipping protections. We ship exclusively with Shipguitars.com and in the event there is an issue along the way, their dedicated support team interfaces with the carrier to resolve the problem.  

Don’t forget to keep your eye on the page. We always have new features and ways to connect in the works. And thank you for stopping by. We’re glad to have you in the Guitar Gavel family.

We’ll see you on the site,

The Guitar Gavel team