What's The Word? Thunderbird!

What's The Word? Thunderbird!

Having a reputation for high quality acoustic guitars, Guild came out swinging with the introduction of their first solid body electric guitars in 1963. The Thunderbird was the top end of the three models introduced that year and it certainly isn't short on flair. 

Produced from 1963 to 1968 this beast even had its own built-in stand on the back of the body held in place by a magnet. The degree of stability offered by the stand is questionable. To ensure no damage to the body when taking a break between sets two peg-legs act as risers on the bottom of the guitar.

Players of the day with an S-200 included Muddy Waters and Zal Yanovsky. The two other models introduced by Guild in 63' were the S-50 Jet-Star and S-100 Polara.

SD-200 Thunderbird Specs:
Switch for pickup selection
Switch for pickup on/off
Switch for rhythm/lead
Two volume and tone controls
Two humbuckers (changed to single coils in 1966)
Mahogany neck and body
Rosewood fretboard, pearloid-block inlays


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