Schecter Dream Machines

Schecter Dream Machines

Schecter Guitar Research was founded by David Schecter in Van Nuys, CA in 1976.  At first, the company only made replacement and aftermarket parts, mainly for hot rodding Fenders. 

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After a few short years Schecter’s parts inventory was so expansive it only made sense to start building whole guitars. So in 1979 Schecter introduced the first models, a custom Strat and Tele style guitar. 

The shop built guitars have become known as “Dream Machines” and signature appointments include brass hardware and one-piece necks.  

A key feature on the Strat-style Dream Machines was the (F500T) coil tapped pickups with a three-way mini switch for each one.  There was a single volume and tone control and the mini’s eliminated the need for a 5-way switch.  

Mark Knopfler was a big fan and regularly played a couple of custom strat Schecters through the 1980s.

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In 1983 David sold Schecter to a group of Texans who took it from a custom shop to a production shop. The new ownership struggled, but one of their wins was mass producing a Tele style with two humbuckers based on a Dream Machine version that Pete Townshend started playing in 1979.

After a few short years the brand was sold to Hisatake Shibuya in 1987. Shibuya is the founder of ESP who also got his start manufacturing guitar parts. 

Side note: Among many of the notorious craftsmen in the Van Nuys days was Tom Keckler, a luthier in Memphis who did a great setup on one of my acoustics about 11 years ago when living there. Tom also co-founded St. Blues Guitars in the early 70s.

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