Maton Wedgtail

Maton Wedgtail

Guitar Gavel Lick Of The Week with Marc Stamco - Suspending Chords

Open up your improvisational choices by suspending chords. How? By removing the major or minor third. And replace it with a natural second or perfect fourth.

It's easier done than said and Marc explains exactly how to do it by demonstrating with an A and D chord.

Marc has an amazing YouTube channel filled to the brim with original music. @marcstamcosoundscapes3834

Maton’s beginnings go back to the early 1940s with a woodworker, Bill May of Melbourne, Australia, quitting his teaching job to start a guitar repair and custom build shop. 

With a loan from the bank to buy timber, a band saw rigged from the front wheel bearings of Bill’s car, and his machinist brother Reg lending a hand, the Maton Musical Instruments Company was hatched in 1946.

At first they built acoustic and classical guitars before adding amplifiers (1954/55) and eventually electric guitars. 

Graced by the hands of George Harrison, the Maton Mastersound MS500 was the company’s first solid body electric guitar introduced in 1958 (non-custom). Harrison’s Mastersound sold at auction in 2015 for $485,000 and again at auction in 2018 for approximately $450,000

Tommy Emmanuel’s first guitar was a 1960 Mastersound.


Elvis Pressley played a Maton HG100 acoustic in his movie Jailhouse Rock. Here’s a great (concise) history on the scene in the movie-

Keith Richards recorded “Gimme Shelter” and “Midnight Rambler” with a Maton EG-240.

Maton is known for their original body styles and the Wedgtail is definitely unique, debuting in 1968 and produced until 1973, just over 100 Wedgtails were built. 

There were two versions of guitar, the Series 1 with a routed Bigsby and a partially slotted headstock. The Series 2 is pictured and the main architectural difference from that and a Series 1 is a shortened bass horn. 

Given how rare these are there is not a ton of information available so I’m not sure about the pickups. However, it’s been written that they are a little wimpy. 

Maton is under-represented in the USA, a glance at their website reveals 16 authorized dealers stateside. Pictured below, Eastwood Guitars made a replica several years of the Series 1, check out the unique headstock.

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