Kramer Baretta

Kramer Baretta

Guitar Gavel Lick Of The Week with Keith Amyx - "G" Open String Technique

Straight from Yoakum, Texas Keith has a super slick open "hi-bread" picking lick in G. This one is killer, thank you Keith!

Tab is at the end of the video.

Kramer was riding high in the early 1980s with their Pacer guitar leading the charge.  Kramer’s Rockinger trem system had caught the attention of Eddie Van Halen who was looking for hardware that would stay in tune.

That eventually led to a collaboration between Kramer and EVH resulting in the Baretta model being launched in late 1983 (most notation shows 1984).  And that’s a literal rocket “launch” as the Baretta and EVH helped make Kramer the best selling American guitar maker the following year. 


The body remained the same as the Pacer of that year (earlier Pacer’s were slightly different), but there were a number of other changes:

  • Perhaps the most notable was the new banana headstock.

  • A Rockinger Tremolo was part of the original Pacer equipment and was swapped out for a Floyd Rose by the launch of the Baretta  

  • The first generation pickup was a Schaller Golden 50 which was uniformly changed to Seymour Duncan in 1985. 

It was 1986 when Kramer switched to a more pointy headstock.

Pictured is a 1984 Baretta in Candy Apple Red in excellent condition and this guitar is available for sale on Guitar Gavel. Click here to view the listing. 

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