Guild Star Power

Guild Star Power

Guild was a relatively young company in 1960 having entered the guitar business six years prior.  Already having a good reputation for acoustics, Guild was gaining momentum in the early 60’s electric market with signature models for Duane Eddy and Johnny Smith.  

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1958 GUILD Guitars Johnny Smith Photo Vintage Trade Print Ad on PopScreen

The Day the Music Died in 1959 was real. Jazz and rockabilly were on their way out and a harder pace of Rock music was on the way in which included solid-body electric guitars. 

Guild slowly took notice and introduced their first line-up of solid bodies in 1963.  


Three years before in 1961, “for the young artist with a flair for showmanship”, Guild introduced the Starfire series.

One young artist that picked up a Starfire happened to be Jerry Garcia playing with his band the Warlocks.  He used it to record the Grateful Dead’s first self-titled album released in 1967.


Specifically, Jerry played a cherry-red Starfire III at this time. His first was a 1962 model that was mangled at the Tripps Festival in January of 1966.  His second was a 1964 or 65 Starfire III that was used on the album.  

Guild Guitars - Jerry Garcia and his '65 cherry-red... | Facebook

The Starfire’s had a good run including a double cutaway series IV, V, VI.  Among a number of Starfire players in the 1960s were Dave Davies and Buddy Guy.  

Guild discontinued the original run of Starfire’s in 1973.

1964 Guild Starfire SF-III Specs: Mahogany body, Honduran mahogany neck, Rosewood fretboard, Guild Adjusto-Matic bride, Bigsby Vibrato tailpiece, Guild anti-um humbuckers, two volume and tone controls, 3-way switch.

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