Greco Shrike

Greco Shrike

Guitar Gavel Lick Of The Week with Christos Fragias

"Live" from Australia The Frag is back! And he's sporting a new MIJ Fender Jazz bass. You can check out a full demo of his bass and much more on his YT channel-

This week's lick is not just a lick, it's a mini-clinic. And it's not just for low enders. The clinic is inspired by John Entwistle and rooted in Colbie Caillat's "Falling For You".

Christos discusses expanding single note rhythms into chords allowing you to strum in different sequences. This propels the integrity of the bass line without stepping on your bandmate's boots.

From the 1968 Goya-Greco Catalog:

"Two pickup Shrike with four pickup selector slide switches, volume control, 3-way adjustable bridge and vibrato."

The two boomerang pickups each have two sets of three coils.  Yes, you read that correctly. By using the slide switches the magnets can be turned on/off in various combinations including "all on". It was even possible configure the pickups in horizontal halfsies, with the top half of the neck pickup combined with the lower half of the bridge. 

Made from 1968-1970 there were two semi-hollow body styles.  The Model 950 leaned more towards an ES 335 (with horns), versus the "new modern design" 975 with diamond shaped f-holes (Trini Lopez Gibson?) and a smaller body (SG-ish looking).

The Shrike family also offered a 10-string model 961 and 12-string model 960.  Both had the same body style of the 950. 

--Deeper Dive--

The Goya-Greco Connection:  CONFUSING

From the parent company Kanda Shokai Corporation, a Japanese instrument marketer/wholesaler, the Greco brand of guitars was created in 1960.  Reportedly, in the mid 1960s Greco started importing to the U.S. for Goya Music. Goya was the American market name of the Levin guitar company based in Gothenburg, Sweden and the Hershman Musical Instrument Company of NYC contracted with Levin to import their guitars (as Goya) in 1954. 

In 1968 Goya Music was acquired by Avnet Inc., a large electrical parts distributor that was diversifying considerably in the 1960s. Given Goya's relationship with Kanda Shokai and likely the deeper pockets from Avnet, the Goya-Greco marriage was born.  Divorce followed quickly as Goya sold the distribution rights to Kustom Amplifiers in 1970.

Side note- Avnet also owned Guild Guitars which it acquired in 1965.

Newsletter Classifieds

Looking to buy:
• 1987 Les Paul Custom- wine red 3-piece top. All original except has Seymour Duncan Jazz/Jb4 pickups. Minneapolis/St. Paul area
• 1970s era Fender Jazzmaster in either tri-burst trans finish or solid teal with original or period correct OHSC. Buyer is looking for one that is 8.5 or higher, all original.
• 1972 Les Paul Burst

Looking to sell:
• 2012 Gibson USA 1970s tribute Les Paul Gold top, Tuscan AZ area
• 1956 Gibson J160e, New York City area
• 1968 Gibson Dove with a mid 60s DeArmond sound hole pickup, New York City area

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