Don't Box in a Flamenco Player - B.C. Rich

Don't Box in a Flamenco Player - B.C. Rich

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Don’t Box-in a Flamenco Player -- B.C. Rich Bich!

Born from the mind of a classical and flamenco style guitarist come the most aggressive looking guitars on earth -- thank you Bernardo Chavez Rico.

Bernie Rico had only made classicals and acoustics, flamenco guitars, and banjos in his father’s shop and didn’t make his first solid body electric until 1968.  A year later, it is rumored, he designed what would become the Warlock but thought the design was too far out there and tabled the idea.  

What is likely the truth, the Warlock design is an angular-based inspiration from the Rich Bich and Bernie brought it to life in 1981. 

(The Bich was sketched by Johnny Kessel and designed by Neal Moser)

The Warlock and 80’s metal took B.C. Rich from a boutique maker to a mainstream brand. 

Fast forward to 1993/94 and a hot pink Warlock ended up at my best friend’s house as his new prized possession. Times were a changin’... as hot pink and metal guitars were becoming less in favor :-).  

I can’t exactly remember, but I’m sure my buddy got a good deal on it and eventually tried to spray paint it black -- mistake. I think we were too young to worry about a primer coat!

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