All The Kids In The Marketplace Say...

All The Kids In The Marketplace Say...

In this week’s podcast episode I talk with multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Charnoski about his guitar journey and how it led to having a professional career in the music industry.

Matt came out of the gate with his G.A.S. by landing a Fender Musicmaster as his first guitar when he was a kid by roping his grandmother and mom into the purchase through an elaborate pyramid scheme :-). Not bad for a pre-teen!

The conversation increases in intensity as Matt describes how he landed a “brand new” and rare Gibson RD as his third guitar.

Beyond the guitar conversation Matt gives us the lowdown on how his recording and producing skills led to the development of his company, GABA Music Works.

There are lots of good nuggets in this episode capped off by Matt hanging out and having a beer with Lemmy from Motorhead.

Matt asked him why he positioned his microphone so high? The answer will surprise you.

Interested in Matt's services? Check out his website- He's also active on LinkedIn and Instagram, search Matt Charnoski.

All the kids in the marketplace say…

March 26, 1987 The Bangles were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Vicki Peterson was proudly displaying her pink Carvin DC125. She started playing a Carvin in 1986 and when asked in an interview with Vintage Guitar Magazine in 2005 as to why, Vicki said, “they were free”.

Life is hard you know (oh whey oh :-).

Popular Carvin adverts show Vicki with a pink DC125, a simple super shredder in full 80s fashion. One of the ads actually spells Vicki’s name wrong, “Vicky”.

However, the biggest single of 1986, “Walk Like An Egyptian” and the good looking video to go along with shows Vicki rocking out on a white Carvin DC135, the HSS version of the DC125.

She couldn’t go wrong with either. And they were free!

DC125 specs:
Maple neck-through
Ebony fretboard
Poplar body
Floyd Rose trem (or string through, and also available with a Kahler)
M225D humbucker
Master volume
3-position coil

Original MSRP with Floyd Rose- $569. Shipping was $15


Haha… you are absolutely right Rob!

David Still

And interestingly, it isn’t Vicki holding the guitar on that cover, it is the bass player, Michael Steele.

Rob Bernstein

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