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Yamaha SG-1500 1977 One Owner

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WOW, an amazing one owner Yamaha SG-1500 from 1977! 

This is the cousin of Santana's flagship SG-2000, minus the gold hardware, inlays, and neck-thru construction.

The first Yamaha electric guitar to land stateside in 1973 was the humble SG-30. These were very "plain Jane" models, but the body shape was the first iteration of what would quickly be made famous by Carlos Santana in 1976. Through the course of time Yamaha released numerous versions of the SG, but the first high-end model of those was the SG-175 and that’s what Yamaha originally offered Santana as the starting point for his custom guitar.

He suggested some improvements, mainly to improve the sustain he desired, Yamaha implemented and the neck-through SG-2000 was born. Integrating a brass Sustain Plate and T-Cross System, both of those components were patented by Yamaha and helped achieve what Santana needed. It debuted in 1976. (The T-Cross System refers to mahogany wings flanking the maple neck, and the Sustain Plate is a hunk of brass under the bridge.)

The SG-1500's of this era, 1976-1979, are becoming quite rare and fewer were produced than the SG-2000. Yamaha began making various changes in the 1980s and changes to the same model guitar varied for the country taking delivery. In 1981 the SG-1500 construction's changed to a laminated neck-through and no maple top, removed the sustain plate, and added a coil split.

Presented here is the OG, Made in Japan with a non-original Gibson hard case with aftermarket latches. There is some buckle rash on the back and other wear (see pics) for a 46-year-old guitar, but overall this is an excellent example of Yamaha's finest.

Carved maple top
T-cross maple and mahogany body construction
Ebony fretboard
Chrome sustain block under the bridge
Yamaha alnico V humbuckers
Two volume, two tone controls
3-way switch

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