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US Masters

US Masters EP-42 Bass - Red - Excellent Condition

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This US Masters Bass is an EP-42 that was ordered with a custom deep transparent cherry red finish. The EP-42 features a solid curly maple body and a hard maple neck with a fretted Pao Ferro fingerboard.

 The electronics are US Masters custom-designed Dual Soapbar pickups by Bill Lawrence. There are great tone possibilities here. The combination of curly maple body and hard maple neck with these pickups delivers an equal response to all frequencies of the bass - solid low end with a brilliant, clear high end.

 The compact body shape makes the bass comfortable to use for long periods. The EP-42 is loaded with substantial innovations, important features and premium components. US Masters patented Compression-Set Captive Neck Joint gives the bass the attack and sustain of a neck-through design but with the broad set of complimentary resonances that a neck-thru can't provide.

 The timbre of the US Masters bass is much richer; the tone much bigger. The unique structures of their Ever-Tru Neck, the ep body and how they're joined allows the maple woods to determine the timbre of the bass, as well as its appearance. And, their custom-made bridge allows more "wood" in the tone - allows more harmonics to sound. These innovations give the instrument a rock solid foundation that generates extraordinary tone, attack and responsiveness.

The entire fingerboard is alive with sound. No dead spots. Evenly balanced. The EP design gives you total access to the entire 24 fret fingerboard. With no heel and the unique ep Extended Uniform Profile neck shape, ep basses feel the same anywhere you play on the neck. It's intuitive, liberating. You get to put more energy into what to play rather than how to play it.

It comes with a hard shell case with foam inserts to stabilize the bass ideally in the case. It has 3/4" string spacing at bridge, 34" scale, 24 fret Ever-Tru neck, conical radius fingerboard, 12-1/8" body width, 44-1/2" total length. All components - pickups, switches, pots (controls), knobs, jacks, etc. - are of the highest American-made quality for a dependable long life, hassle-free operation and the best possible sound. U.S. Masters exclusive 4 & 5 string soapbar pickups are custom made to US Masters specifications by Bill Lawrence. With a strong, articulate low frequency response, they allow the natural sound of the bass to shine through, rather than dominating the tone and defeating the beautiful resonance of the instrument and its woods. 100% shielded.

Check out the video for a full picture montage. 

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