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Silvertone 674 Aristocrat Cutaway Archtop Acoustic Guitar w/ TKL Hardshell Case 1950's - Sunburst - Fair Condition

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This guitar is presented by Izzy's Vintage Guitars of Huntsville, AL

Up for sale is this vintage 1950's Silvertone 674 Aristocrat archtop acoustic guitar. You rarely see these high-end deluxe models and this one, while it will eventually need some work, is a very cool example.

This instrument is all original and intact, right down to the original bridge and Kluson tuners, with the exception of the pickguard mounting bracket screw. The original pickguard has been off at one point and was replaced with several other set ups over the years, as noted by a few extra side holes by the bracket and in the side of the fretboard (pictured) but the original pickguard is back on now.

Cosmetically, the instrument shows typical dings, scuffs, and scratches that are to be expected from an instrument of this age. The guitar is also covered in beautiful finish checking, the kind that many custom shops and builders wish that they could copy.

This guitar is currently strung with electric strings with a wound 3rd to take some tension off of the neck set, which has begun to pull (pictured). While it seems to be stable and isn't moving at the moment, the guitar will eventually need a neck set but it's a prime candidate for the job. The neck has a slight amount of even relief which is common for these due to the lack of an adjustable truss rod. The instrument plays very well as it sits with comfortable action. The frets have most of their life left in them and there's plenty there to dress with the neck set to avoid a refret.

Overall, this guitar will need a little love probably sooner rather than later, but it's a beautiful and intact example of a rare top-of-the-line Silvertone model.

The instrument includes a newer, but used TKL hardshell case. It fits a little tight around the edges, but protects the guitar well. The case does show some wear, but all of the latches and hinges are intact and function as they should. The guitar will be well-packed to ensure safe shipping.

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This guitar is presented by Izzy's Vintage Guitars of Huntsville, AL. Buyer pays $110 shipping (and applicable taxes) which is added to the sales price at checkout.