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Roger Electric Electric Guitar Late 1950s - Rare German Built - Rickenbacker, Fender Ties - Fair Condition

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This guitar is presented by Izzy's Vintage Guitars of Huntsville, AL

Up for sale is this vintage late 1950's Roger Electric electric guitar. If you are unfamiliar with the history of these instruments, a summarized version is posted below.

This particular example shows heavy wear cosmetically and the finish has gotten very hot at some point and bubbled up badly, as you sometimes see on old instruments.

This instrument came in missing parts and unplayable. Our tech replaced all of the pots and jack (the new jack is a little taller, so the control plate doesn't screw all the way down which is pictured). We discovered that the neck pickup is dead and we have not attempted to repair it. The bridge pickup works just as it should. The pots are already wired up to have the pickup repaired and solder right in if you so desire. The knobs are new Hofner-style replacements. The bridge is a new replacement as well.

The fretboard shows a slight separation near the nut, but isn't a problem. It does not look like anyone has attempted to repair it and, since it doesn't move under pressure, we left it alone. The original binding is cracked in numerous places and the instrument shows some "binding rot", but it isn't flaking and looks to be pretty stable.

The instrument plays well with super low, comfortable action. The original frets are pretty low so there is a lot of buzz up and down the neck, but nothing frets out. The five piece neck is straight and there is no adjustable truss rod. It's actually an incredibly fun guitar to play and very loud unplugged because of the hollow construction.

No case or gig bag is included, but the instrument will be well packed for safe shipping. If you know what this guitar is, you know that they rarely show up for sale. Act now or regret it later!

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This guitar is presented by Izzy's Vintage Guitars of Huntsville, AL. Buyer pays $100 shipping (and applicable taxes) which is added to the sales price at checkout.