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RCA Victor

RCA Victor SG-18 1965 - Redburst

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The Victor Company of Japan started in 1927 and is usually referred to as JVC. It began as the Japanese subsidiary of the Victor Talking Machine Company from the USA. Then in 1929, ownership was transferred to RCA Victor. So in the 1930s JVC produced records, radios, and televisions in Japan. Of course during WWII JVC severed it’s ties with all outside companies, but JVC continues on to the present day. 

Apparently, the RCA partnership with JVC (who was now owned by Panasonic) reignited in some form in the early 1960s during the Beatles boom heard ’round the world and the ensuing electric guitar explosion that followed.

Frank is pretty certain it's a Matsumoku made guitar, but made with some JVC parts, design specs, and serious Fender influences. 

The pickups are ridiculously hot!
Bridge- 8.97k
Middle- 9.94k
Neck- 10.14k

This guitar has been refretted, includes the original case and you can read Frank's full odyssey at

And man does it sound good, check out Mike putting it to the task!

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