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G.S. Monroe

Rare Luthier Made G.S. Monroe [GSM] Green Swamp Mojo

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Neck Through Design - Lightweight, you can Strap it on all night - Sounds Great - Looks Super Cool!

G.S. Monroe {GSM} is a luthier who follows what he refers to as “Spiritual Inspiration” in the design and craftsmanship of his musical Instruments. His wood supply comes primarily from ancient recovered logs that were dragged up out of the Florida Green Swamp. It is wood that is considered “Old Growth”, meaning the trees grew naturally slow and thus the grain is very tight. They have also been naturally seasoning and air drying for decades!

Because they spent some considerable time submerged in high tannin swamp water, the chemistry of the wood has changed. It is more varied and distinct in coloration and a perfect tone wood. G.S. Monroe is one of those rare instrument makers that does in fact start with a wood log, and work it through the entire process.

This unique guitar is made of a number of woods. It is a Neck-Through design, the neck being 3-piece book-matched laminated Poplar with a Maple core. The body itself is Chinaberry, a variety of "True Mahogany". The fretboard itself is Cherry wood. The finish is G.S. Monroe's proprietary "Darkwater" shellac blend with a Minwax Poly Acrylic Clear Topcoat. The pickup is an upcycled Vintage Ibanez and sounds quite remarkable. The headstock uses individual string guides to assure perfect pull through the nut so you can bend and return to perfect tuning.

This guitar is incredibly light and a lot of fun to play! Keep it in a stand nearby - you will want to play it often! Get serious with your music and have fun with this on-off design!

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