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WA & Co. Bethlehem Amp & Pedal

Orange Squeeze Compression Pedal by WA & Co. - Custom Black - Excellent Condition

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"Find out why bassists and guitarists are switching to this dirty little compressor! One knob keeps it all simple, just like the originals! A convenient internal trim let’s you add squash and remove “squanchy” frequencies from your tone! Perfect for live or studio musicians—and of course, Mark Knopfler fans!" -Wyatt Abrachinsky, WA & Co. Bethlehem Amp & Pedal

This is a great condition, hand built, hand painted compressor pedal, very simple with on/off switch and a single knob to adjust the amount of squeeze. The pedal comes with some tasty extras: an orange switch cap, some sticky rubber feet and most importantly, an alternate op-amp to install in the pedal. Very lightly used at home, extras never installed.

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