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Harmony Rocket H59 1963

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In Frank's own words:

"The Harmony Rocket series guitars had a pretty good run from 1960 to about 1967. These were sort-of bare bones rock machines aimed at the intermediate to beginner guitarist, and they just flat out BALL!!! Originally, all the Rockets came in sunburst, but in 1963 the redburst guitars became available, and this one right here is from that first run of reds.

By 1966 the pickups changed and a truss rod was in the neck, but alas, those changes would be short lived as the Rocket series would soon be put on the shelf, and the Harmony company would stagger into the 1970s before finally closing the proverbial doors for good in 1975.

They’re built pretty well for mass produced instruments, and even though the DeArmond “Indox” pickups were cheap (cost-wise) pickups, they still hold up to any music you can throw at ’em! In fact, my favorite pickups of all time are the various 50s/60s DeArmonds and Valcos. Hands down! These little Indox pups are hot as hell and all read out in the 9k-10k range! The guitar itself is only about 2″ deep but it is fully hollow, and the pickups are so hot the guitar just wants to take off when any bit of dirt is introduced to the mix."

This one has been refretted and the neck is straight and ready to go. 

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