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Hagstrom Viking 1967 - Good Condition

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This guitar is presented by American Guitar of Englewood, FL

This is a very classy vintage Hagstrom Viking from 1967, the second year they were put into production.

Headquartered in Alvdalen, Sweden Hagstrom began manufacturing their own accordions in 1932 and slowly diversified into the acoustic/classical guitar category in the 1940s.

Hopping on the electric guitar bandwagon in 1958 Hagstrom unveiled their first solid body electrics, the Deluxe and Original. Very ORIGINAL names. 

Like most guitar manufacturer’s of the time there was American influence in the body styles, yet Hagstrom did have original designs, notably the Impala and Condor (lots of switches).

Hagstrom claimed to have the “Fastest Necks in the World” thanks to their H-Expander Stretcher truss rod system. A debatable statement, but their necks were thin.    

Basses followed a few years later and Hagstrom is credited as making the first 8-string production bass (Jimi Hendrix). During the 1960s Hagstrom also produced guitars for Selmer in the UK, branded as Futurama. 

Arguably it was 1965 that put Hagstrom on a more recognizable guitar map with the introduction of the Viking, their foray into the hollow body market.   

Frank Zappa was a Viking player and Hagstrom endorser (he played several models), and Elvis played one (V-2) during his 1968 Comeback Special on NBC.

An awesome buy if you are into semi-hollowbody guitars. All original and set up ready to rock!!!

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