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Fernandes FST-70, Good Condition with ISHI Logo, Burst Finish

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Excellent quality guitar from the original Fernandes factory in Japan. This is one really fine guitar in excellent condition, ready to play!

Fernandes sourced manufacturing from several prominent Japanese factories over the years but in the late 1970s Tokai Gakki was the producer of choice.

Being a young company and trying to navigate the copy guitar landscape in the mid 70s there were subtle or not so subtle changes every few years with the build process, fit, and finish.

Most notably was Fernandes’ use of “silver heart” wood which is a very tough hardwood sourced from middle Africa. It was used as bowling alley flooring in Japan and early in the 70s there was a “bowling boom” followed by a “bowling crash”.

Defunct bowling alleys liquidated their assets including the floors. Likely to save a few bucks, Fernandes repurposed the flooring in a laminated product to use for their FST bodies. The result was a sustain monster.

By the end of 1977 Fernandes was really hitting stride and introduced a third logo change to the FST models. It has become known as the “ishi” or “stone” logo in English as it resembles the Japanese character for the word stone, implying strength.

True to the logo change this marked the beginning of the Fernandes renaissance and the “ishi” logo lasted until the next major overhaul, the Revival series in 1981.

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