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Fender Stratocaster 1973 Black

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1973 Fender Stratocaster in good condition. I am listing this guitar as 'good' taking in to consideration the originality of the guitar, not just the condition of the body.

All electronics original with proper and correct date codes. Pickups and pots share matching codes. Electronics function as they should with no scratchy pots or switch.

The volume knob looks different and has different patina/aging than the tone knobs. The tremolo bar does not appear to be original. The neck is straight with no curves or humps and the truss rod works properly. All tuners and bridge parts are original and work properly.

One big ding on the side of the bass horn could use some touch-up paint and they're are a few more dings on the body down to the wood. Numerous small scratches and dings are to be expected for a 50 year old guitar that has been played regularly. Frets are good not great but the guitar plays great with no dead spots. Again, these are the original frets in a 50 year old guitar.

Ships with original hard case which is also in good shape. All latches and hinges work properly.

This is a great deal on a guitar that just became 'vintage' this year and will only continue to go up in value. This is a 'players grade' vintage Strat that you could take to the club and play tonight.

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This guitar is presented by Mt. Pleasant Music, Mt. Pleasant, SC
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