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D'Angelico Style A 1940 - Sunburst - Very Good Condition

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This guitar is presented by Driftwood Music Shop of St. Charles, MO

For sale today is a very special 1940 D'Angelico that is a living relic of the most famous jazz guitar maker of all time. This was produced at a time when your arch top needed to be loud enough to be heard over the horn section without amplification and that is very apparent from the first time you strike a chord on this. The tone is absolutely massive. The resonance is strong and unwavering. Feel free to listen to it in the included video at the end of the photos.

The neck is extremely comfortable and solid as well. The flame maple that adorns the neck/back/sides is some of the most beautiful natural flame maple that I've ever seen. The ridges and troughs within the grain are mesmerizing. The guitar has a replaced tailpiece and pickguard but both have been replaced with very correct-looking, era-appropriate parts. The prior owner had an aftermarket pickguard/pickup system installed that required an extra screw hole be drilled on the side where the pickguard bracket mounts. There is a small metal piece sticking out of a pinhole on the back of the headstock. We surmise that the previous owner installed a strap hook at that point which broke off. Other than these odd bits, the guitar appears to be without cracks, and to be very structurally sound and visually beautiful.

For being almost 90 years old, the finish is in incredible shape. All the binding is holding up well and the tuners are smooth. It comes shipped in what we believe to be the original Lifton case. The case is a little worse-for-wear with the latches non-functioning, it closes with 2 small ratchet straps.

The guitar weighs in at 5.8 lbs. At the 12th fret bass side the string height is 6/64ths and it lowers to 5/64ths on the treble side. Please feel free to reach out with any questions on this beautiful guitar and thank you for looking. Have a great day.

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This guitar is presented by Driftwood Music Shop of St. Charles, MO. Buyer pays UPS shipping (and applicable taxes) which is added to the sales price at checkout.