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Charvel Model 6 HSS - Pearl White - Very Good Condition

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The Charvel Model 6 is one of the top line guitars of the Charvel Model series. It features a neck-through construction and active electronics (Jackson JE-1200 circuit). As oposed to the Charvel model 1, model 2, model 3 and model 4. The Charvel Model 6 features a neckthrough construction with a bound maple neck and poplar body.

Comes with a Charvel Hardcase.

This guitar is a player. Super Fast and has all the bells and whistles for huge tonal options.

The neck pickup has been upgraded to an EMG single Coil and the Bridge pickup has been upgraded to a Seymour Duncan Humbucker.

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This guitar is presented by American Guitar of Englewood, FL. Buyer pays $140 shipping (and applicable taxes) which is added to the sales price at checkout.