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2006 Gibson USA Flying V - Cherry Finish

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Gibson Nashville serial number 002260438

This 2006 Flying V includes some cosmetic customizations including the truss rod cover, raised skull medallion on the headstock, and skull and crossbones speed knobs. The current owner of this V has had it for five years and reports there are small dings as one might expect, but no major scratches, dings or blemishes on the beautiful faded cherry finish.

Flying V specs:
Three-piece mahogany body
Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard and pearloid dot inlays.
Gibson Deluxe styler tuners
Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece
Gibson alnico humbucker pickups
Two volume controls, one master tone control
Three-way pickup switch

The 1950s was the wild west in the solid body guitar world and competition between manufacturer’s was intense. Who was going to develop the next best design kept executives awake at night.

Ted McCarty, President of Gibson Guitars, was cool as a cucumber. He banged out three revolutionary designs in 1957. Well… with the help of an artist he influenced the designs for the Flying V, Explorer, and Moderne. The patents bear his name only.

The Explorer was originally dubbed “Futura”. The Futura and Moderne names expressed Gibson’s thoughts on the “future” generations of “modern” guitars with the trio of radical designs. The Explorer and V went into production in 1958. Both had similar hardware.

However, they were too futuristic and sales were unimpressive resulting in both models being shelved by the early 60s. A few V’s were made with leftover parts and sold in 1962/63, but the next production run didn’t begin again until 1966.

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