How Bidding Works

You must register to bid to place bids on Guitar Gavel.

No Surprises

Taxes are already calculated into the bid price. Therefore the winning bid amount includes taxes. Taxes are also included in the shipping price. 

You are encouraged to thoroughly read the description and review the pictures of each item. All sales are final. If you have specific questions for a guitar you may reach our office at 1-800-349-1613 or email

Proxy Bidding Feature

Proxy bidding is a feature that allows a bidder to enter a maximum bid and have the system automatically bid on their behalf until the preset maximum is met. When a proxy bid is used the maximum bid cannot be seen by others.

Popcorn Bidding Feature

Popcorn bidding protection extends the auction clock by two minutes each time a last moment bid is placed at the end of the auction. The auction will not end until those two minutes have lapsed without any additional bidding.

If the item has a reserve price “Reserve Not Met” will show in the listing until the reserve is satisfied. If the reserve is not met, Guitar Gavel will provide the highest bidder’s contact information to the seller and they may contact the highest bidder to work out a deal.